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Chartered Accountants in North London 


Payroll Services by RMS Accountants


All employers have to adhere to Pay As You Go (PAYE) regulations. PAYE is a method of paying income tax and national insurance contributions for your employees. The penalties charged for failure to comply with PAYE regulations are amongst the strictest and can have significant impact on business finance.

- Salary calculation & processing.

- Fortnightly & monthly payslips.

- UK based outsourced payroll services.

- PAYE registration.

- Bonus, commission and overtime.

- Guidance on Real Time Information (RTI),

auto-enrolment and salary sacrifice schemes.

- Complying with maternity and sickness regulations
- HMRC and auto-enrolment compliant.

London based payroll service to small companies, self employed and contractors.

Take the pain out of payroll by outsourcing your payroll to us today!


If you have income from several resources, your annual turnover is £100,000 or more, or you have income from overseas, or you are a company director or have otherwise complicated tax matters, you may need to complete a tax return. Introduction of self-assessment has placed a greater burden on individuals to keep their personal finance in order. We are here to help.

- Self assessment completion

- Tax return completion

- Personal tax computation

- Personal tax planning

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Every business has an obligation to keep financial records. Accounts are prepared from these records and are essential for completing the annual person tax return and corporate tax return. Our bookkeeping services enable you to focus on core business tasks, rather than managing receipts, organizing reports, preparing documentations, writing entries and other bookkeeping tasks.

Contact partner is Rajesh Shah BA. ACA. FCCA. Your business might have other bookkeeping needs. Contact us in North London to discuss your specific requirements. By not returning your accounting records, HMRC can impose a fine of up to £3,000.

Bookkeeping Services by RMS Accountants


If you are a start-up business, it is important to get things right from day one. From choosing the most efficient company format for your business to keeping your books in order, paying the right tax and avoiding unnecessary enquiries from HMRC.

Company Formation | Company Records | VAT Registeration | Payroll Administration | Other legislation & regulations

Tax Planning by RMS Accountants

Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company, you have an obligation to produce annual statutory accounts to the tax authorities. Statutory accounts are essential for completing your tax return and must be produced accurately and on time.

Management accounts are an efficient decision making and business planning tool. We produce management accounts that will identify trends within your business and serve as an analysis of your company’s performance. With our monthly or quarterly management accounts, you can more effectively plan, evaluate and control the financial aspects of your business.

TAX Planning